How To Check Any Bootable USB/DVD Without Rebooting Your Pc

Hi to all of our friends. Today we are going to share something that might be very useful. Suppose you have a bootable CD that you think might not run good. To test that, what you will do? Boot it wash all your windows stuff? No!! With help of MobaLiveCD, you can save life easily.
Follow the steps to get it done:

  • Download MobaLiveCD from here.
  • Now open it. A screen like this comes up:

    • Select desired image file or drive, it will ask you to save file on hard disk, simply selcet no and you are done.

    • Now, you have a choice, if you got a bootable USB or a CD,select the button according to your choice, A dialog will come up like this:

      NOTE: This trick works only on Windows XP. Go To Compatibility mode by right clicking on it (Right click-Properties-Compactibility Mode!) and by making these settings on it ! and making it work on windows 7 and 8


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